Established 1950

The Board Members and Officers of the Illinois Elks Bowling Association.

Last Updated Monday, April 1, 2019


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The ILLINOIS ELKS BOWLING ASSOCIATION, INC. was formed for the following:

Purpose:To unite in an organization within the STATE OF ILLINOIS, all qualified Elks Bowling Teams. To encourage and foster among it's members the spirit of Good Fellowship and Fairness, and promote the game of Ten-Pins as an activity within the Elks Lodges of Illinois.

Objective:To Conduct an Annual Illinois Elks Bowling Tournament of the games of American Ten-Pin and to fix the qualifications of bowling clubs and individuals participating therein. The result of such tournament shall decide the ANNUAL CHAMPIONSHIP among ELKS in the FIVE-MAN EVENT; TWO-MAN EVENT; INDIVIDUAL EVENT; ALL EVENT-HANDICAP, ALL EVENT-ACTUAL; and SENIORS ALL EVENT-HANDICAP.

General Guidelines & Rules of Play:To enforce among it's members the playing rules of the UNITED STATES BOWLING CONGRESS and to exercise and discharge all powers and duties required in the Constitution, Rules, and Regulations of the UNITED STATES BOWLING CONGRESS, except wherein otherwise provided by this Association.

(taken from the Illinois Elks Bowling Association Constitution dated 06/05/2006)


The Board of Directors has clarified its position on “Out Of State Bowlers”. Out of State Bowlers will be allowed on Illinois Lodge Teams as long as they are 1) Elks in Good Standing in their Lodge, 2) They provide “Average Verification” from their Own Local USBC Association to the Secretary of the IEBA, and 3) and represent 50% or less on the Teams make up. (Except for Singles)

Champaign Lodge will have A Fish Fry on each friday night of the Tournament.

Champaign Lodge will have A Pork chop Dinner    Saturday night for $10 of Tournament.